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Cita – Albert Einstein


“El Secreto de la



creatividad es saber



como esconder tus fuentes”

Albert Einstein


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  • exactly as he said it. Some things I did with ease and oreths were problematic for me as has been true for many years. My husband was present and later verified that the parts he could observe which involved different forms of walking were either done with difficulty or with ease but without variation. Ater the exam he ordered one test and remarked I WILL find out whether or not you have had (previous diagnosis)! I remembered thinking how bizzare the whole exam and questioning had been and puzzling over his tone of voice thinking he sounded threatening and not understanding it. That night in the hotel I read where he had implied in my records that I had not cooperated with his exam, that all my efforts were variable as well as comments that he basically found nothing wrong in spite of what would has been recorded as an abnormal exam by multiple doctors before him. He had his nurse call results of the one test they did and offered no explanation for my problems at all. I spent the entire night awake and crying not believing what he had written. I later wrote to him asking him to include other test results that I had given them that were pertinent and to reconsider the tone and wording of his charting as I felt it could prejudice doctors in my future care but he refused. A later contact with another neurologist there was more positive but still provided no answers and I believe that in spite of his kindness he was influenced by this doctor’s charting (and lack of it) before he came in the room and that because of that a diagnosis has been delayed for something quite serious. I also learned that they had not scanned test results into the record that I had assumed were there for him and the later neurologist to see. I remain depressed over how I was treated, over how much we spent trying to obtain a diagnosis and how I believe the negative charting influenced even the kinder doctor and of how that may impact my future care. I am very scared over what they may have missed because of this. I do not know if I will ever go into a new doctor’s office and feel trusting again. In spite of my earlier positive experience I feel this colors my entire perception of Mayo and I will most likely never return or recomend it to anyone else. I suspect the best thing would be to have the names of the specialist you want to see from another doctor but that is impossible for most of us who live so far away. Thank God for my docs back home who have so supported me through everything I have been through even though they do not have all the answers! If I should find their attitudes changed toward me because of what this this arrogant uncaring doc charted I don’t know what I will do.

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