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Financial Times de Alemania (15/12/05)

Origen de la noticia: http://manager-magazin.postbank.de/0,2828,390567,00.html

Traducida del aleman (con traductor de red):

Gedas: advantage of t system?

Speculations about the sales of the Volkswagen daughter Gedas do the round. The IT service provider should probably still be before Christmas in new hands. However, unclearly is which enterprises are still in the bidder’s procedure.

Frankfurt on the Main – the autogroup Volkswagen probably makes headway with his(its) efforts to sell the IT daughter Gedas. The IT service provider is still possibly sold this year. Of this opinion is at least the ” Financial Times Germany “. Still before Christmas the daughter should come to new hands, the newspaper writes with reference to informed circles.
According to the report are still of t system and the US group Electronic Data of system (EDS) in the running around Gedas. The purchase price has levelled out with about 450 million Euros. ” No statement to this report “, calls it opposite manager magazin.de with VW.However, meanwhile, information of manager magazin.de according to, EDS has got out of the running. Of t system belongs furthermore to the bidder’s circle, one says in branch circles. The same one is considered(applies) to the Canadian CGI Group. Moreover, to the prospective customers should belong also Hewlett-Packard (HP) and Affiliated computer services (Automobile Association of Switzerland) from the USA. Finally it was reported from circles, the sales of Gedas will go only in the beginning of the next year about the stage. Big chances are put first of all of t system. Already the US specialist journal ” Kennedy information ” saw the telecom daughter in the advantage.VW had placed Gedas and the autolandlord Europcar in last autumn to the sales. The IT service provider moved last year about 570 million Euros, the biggest interest of it, however, with VW himself. For Europcar should be present the “FTD” according to meanwhile several offers of finance investors with VW. The sales should be concluded(closed) till not later than April, 2006. In the talk is a price from up to 2,5 billion Euros.


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